Interface MoneyParser

public interface MoneyParser

Parses part of a textual input string of monetary information.

The parser is expected to start parsing at the specified text position and match against whatever it represents. The parsed result must be stored in the context. The context also provides the current parse position which must be updated.

This interface must be implemented with care to ensure other classes operate correctly. All instantiable implementations must be thread-safe, and should generally be final and immutable.

Method Summary
 void parse(MoneyParseContext context)
          Parses monetary information using a textual representation.

Method Detail


void parse(MoneyParseContext context)
Parses monetary information using a textual representation.

The text and parse index are stored in the context. The parsed data and updated index is also stored in the context.

Implementations should avoid throwing exceptions and use the error index in the context instead to record the problem. The context can be assumed to not be in error on entry to this method.

The context is not a thread-safe object and a new instance will be created for each parse. The context must not be stored in an instance variable or shared with any other threads.

context - the context to use and parse into, not null

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